Ways to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Ways to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Every good business owner knows that being efficient and trying to figure out new ways to make their business innovative will keep them profitable. There are numerous ways that you can do this and technology plays a big role in how we do business efficiently. Some of the best ways to streamline our services and the products we offer are through the use of credit card processing and setting up merchant accounts.

Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit cards is an absolute must for your business. Imagine if your business only accepted cash and did not cater to the millions of consumers out there who do not carry cash in their wallets or purses. How would they pay for your goods and services? The simple fact is that they wouldn’t pay and you would lose out on valuable business. Not only is accepting credit cards expected, accepting various types of credit cards like Visa, Master Card or American Express is just as important and can serve to make your business more efficient and effective.

Merchant Accounts

Choosing a good merchant account provider is another way that your business can increase revenue in ways you may not have considered. For instance, credit card processing fees may be lowered and can save you money each month by getting a competitive rate. Being informed and knowledgeable about what types of fees, percentage rates per transaction or the volume of business you will be conducting will all impact how much you can save. Accepting debit cards and having a pin pad can also reduce costs, as the fees are typically lower for debit purchases. What if you are conducting business online? Expanding your business worldwide can also make your business more efficient with a need for online merchant account processing capabilities.

If you provide a service or offer products on the go, there are devices that can be taken with you anywhere using data reception that can give you a competitive edge with your business. Lastly, gift cards are a great way to bring in business that offers added value and benefits to customers. Gift card systems are offered by many merchants and are a great way to let your customers give your products to others, whom have been shown to spend more than is included on the gift card, or sometimes leave a remaining balance on the card!

Ways to Lower Your Marketing Costs

When running a company, it is difficult to cut marketing expenses as owners don’t want to miss out on finding potential customers. While true, with a wise approach, one can market to potential clients without spending all their money. Here are four ways to lower a company’s marketing costs.

Perfect website:

To succeed with marketing, one needs an informative and valuable website. While it is obvious to seasoned veterans, new entrepreneurs need to understand this thoroughly. To create a valuable site, use a credit card processing merchant account provider. Then, add readable and relevant content that creates a buzz and excites the reader. When doing this in an intelligent way, one will bring in new clients without wasting money.

Social media:

With Facebook, Twitter and Google+, one can reach out to excited followers who want to learn about the product, business or idea. To start with social media, one needs to turn to Facebook as it is the premier social media site. Then, the company needs to find followers and post updates often. When run well, the campaign will bring in new clients without spending any money.

Measure clicks:

Whether using SEO, social media or Google AdWords, one needs to watch where customers come from and from what pages on the site they leave. With Google Analytics, a site owner can measure the success of certain ad campaigns. Furthermore, one can figure out what pages they need to change. Since tracking software is free and easy to install, it is wise to take this step early in the process.

Don’t forget methods:

It’s easy to head online and look for clients on social media and other outlets. However, one needs to consider old methods that still work. One way to bring in new customers easily is to hand out flyers or send them in the mail. When well-written, a marketing genius can land clients efficiently and quickly. To hand out flyers, an entrepreneur can hire a contractor who passes them out on sidewalks and in busy areas. Then, within hours of giving out the flyers, the company will bring in customers.

With these four tips, a business owner can bring in new clients without wasting money. Luckily, once an organization masters this and finds a quality credit card processing company and merchant account, one will succeed.

Tax Time Tips for Small Business Owners

One financial requirement that all small business owners share is the requirement to fill out their federal tax forms and have them submitted by April every calendar year. Since the tax code is very complex and always changing, this can be a difficult process for many business owners. Those that are getting ready to prepare their taxes should follow a variety of tips, which will make it easier to accurately prepare their taxes.

The first tip that all business owners should follow is to get organized before they start the tax preparation process. A business owner should organize all of their revenue journals, records of their expenses, and other documents that will be needed to determine what their final net income was. These documents will include bank statements and credit card processing statements, if merchant accounts were used during the year. The merchant accounts statements from credit card processing service providers should be provided to the business within a month of the end of the prior calendar year.

Another tip that all business owners should follow is that they should research the current tax code and recent changes. The tax code is very complex and is always changing. For small businesses, there are a wide range of tax deductions and credits that could be used to save a considerable amount of money off of their tax liability. It would be a good idea for a business owner to spend a little bit of time reading up on the recent changes to the tax code to ensure that they are fully aware of all of the deductions and credits that they may be able to take advantage of.

The third tip to follow is to hire an accountant to review their tax returns. Hiring an accountant to prepare the taxes could cost thousands of dollars, depending on how complex and time consuming it is. While preparation can be very complicated, having a review completed can be much cheaper. For a pretty small price, the accountant will be able to review your tax forms to ensure that they were prepared correctly and that you are taking advantage of all the deductions and credits that are available to you. The accountant can also help to identify audit red flags and help to alter your tax forms to prevent being audited by the IRS.



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