What is a Mobile Credit Card Dongle?

What is a Mobile Credit Card Dongle?

Mobile credit card processing provides alternative ways for business owners to accept payments. Instead of cash-only payment methods, a small business owner can offer greater convenience for customers who want to use a credit card or a debit card to settle certain transactions. Entrepreneurs who set up merchant accounts may receive a mobile credit card dongle to facilitate the transfer of funds into a business checking account.

About a Mobile Credit Card Dongle

A dongle is a pocket-sized device that is used to electronically transmit personal and financial data for a payment transaction. Dongles are made by a variety of manufacturers. The size and dimensions for a dongle will vary among manufactures and merchant processing companies. However, most dongles will measure less than three square inches in size.

Dongles are often called credit card readers. Swiping a credit card or a debit card through a tiny slot that is located on a dongle enables a business owner to transfer a customer’s payment into a business checking account.

Are Dongles Safe to Use for Mobile Credit Card Payments?

Mobile payment transactions are growing in popularity as small business owners realize the enormous convenience and the added safety features. Most merchant processing companies use dongles that are encrypted to transmit secured information between customers and financial institutions. Mobile business owners and consumers can rely on secured payment experiences as the encryption levels are typically equivalent to military standards.

How do Mobile Credit Card Dongle Transactions Work?

Mobile payment transactions are safe and easy to perform. Merchant accounts provide business owners with information about the most favorable ways to complete mobile payment transactions. To perform an electronic payment, a business owner would simply attach a dongle to the head jack of a mobile device. Generally, a merchant can use a mobile credit card dongle to quickly swipe a customer’s credit card. With some merchant accounts, business owners might have the ability to use a dongle for transactions that require a customer’s information to get key-in with a smartphone, laptop or other mobile device.

The funding period will vary among credit card processing companies. However, most business owners should expect to receive completed payment transactions within one or two business days.

Accepting Credit Cards at Tradeshows

If you are currently working the trade show scene, you likely know that there are opportunities for sales, but people these days are not carrying cash like they used to. What is the solution? Credit cards, of course. Can you accept credit cards at tradeshows? Yes, you can! There are two main ways that you can accept credit cards when on the go, including at tradeshows:

Wireless Terminals 

One of the options you have when you wish to accept credit cards at a tradeshow is to use a wireless terminal. This type of credit card processing can be done either through a Wi-Fi connection or through a cell phone connection and is very similar to using a terminal in a retail location. The buyer’s credit card is swiped through the terminal, and the information is sent through to the processor. From there, the information about the transaction is sent through to the issuing bank, and the bank will check to ensure the buyer has money in their account to cover the transaction. At that point, the information is sent back through the channels with either an approval or denial and the message is displayed on the terminal. If the transaction is approved, the buyer will take their purchase and the money will be deposited into your merchant account within hours or a couple days.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Your other option is to consider mobile credit card processing. This is becoming extremely popular thanks to the fact that it can be done right from a smart phone through a downloadable app. The process will begin with either swiping the card through a small scanner that can be put into the phone or by typing the credit card information into the phone, directly. Once the information is in the app, the process is almost identical to the process listed above for the wireless terminal. In the end, the approval or denial will be displayed on your mobile phone screen, and the purchase amount will be deposited into the merchant account.

As you can see, accepting credit cards at a tradeshow is definitely an option. It is very safe, very quick and very convenient. Your customers will appreciate the ability to use their credit card and your company will be in a better position to make the big sales.

Why Many Startups are Tackling the Mobile Payments Space

Newer payment processing companies are quick to understand something about today’s economy that older companies have been slow to grasp: consumers are getting more information about products and services from their mobile devices than ever before, and the amount of information they are seeking is growing every day. Regardless of the size of a business, people are now finding local products and services wherever they are located, and these consumers expect to be able to use a credit or debit card to pay for the product. This is true whether the consumer is traveling to a business or having a business come to their home.

Payment processing companies are responding

There is now a new technology that allows a mobile business to accept payments with credit cards no matter where the sale is made. These payment processing companies offer merchant accounts along with the apps and smartphone attachments to enable payments to be taken. Many traditional payment processing companies have been slow to respond to this new development, but the smaller start-up firms have not and are expanding their customer base rapidly.

Credit card processing can be done anywhere

As long as a business owner can access the Internet with their smartphone, they are able to take credit and debit cards to sell their product. This is a tremendous step forward for all small and medium size businesses that are not always working from a fixed location with access to a traditional phone or cable service. All businesses require are merchant accounts, a smartphone and an attachment for the smartphone that allows a credit or debit card to be swiped. In addition, all of this is available from certain banks that specialize in mobile transactions. The cost is reasonable and the advantages are numerous.

The benefits of mobile credit card processing

The primary benefit is obvious. There are many people who do not carry much cash with them, and these people prefer to use their credit or debit cards. The ability to accept plastic means an increase in sales from these prospective customers who should have otherwise not made a purchase. In addition, there have been studies that have shown that people who use a credit card have a tendency to purchase more than they would otherwise have purchased if they had only used cash. This represents a second source for increase in sales for a mobile business.

Why It’s Possible to Run Your Entire Business from Your Smart Phone

The modern entrepreneur is someone who is aware of the latest technology and utilizes it to his full advantage. The advances made with smartphones have turned a phone into a complete business tool. Thanks to all of the innovations associated with smartphones, an entrepreneur can now run his entire business from his mobile computing device.

Accepting Payments On The Go

Before a company decides on which merchant account to go with, the company should consider the mobile capabilities of that provider. There are merchant account providers who can make it possible to accept credit cards with the use of a smartphone. When an entrepreneur has that kind of mobile power, he has what he needs to run his business from the road.

Internet Accessible Accounting Software

There are several reputable and popular accounting software titles that can be accessed over the Internet, or through a smartphone mobile app. The small business owner can balance his company books no matter where he is and have full access to all of his accounting information.

CRM Apps

Customer relations management apps allow an entrepreneur to keep detailed records on each client that can be accessed through his smartphone. While a business professional is talking to his client on his smartphone, he can use his CRM app to access the client information and maximize that customer contact.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the innovation that allowed entrepreneurs to get out from behind the desk and hit the streets to find business. With a good cloud storage account, an entrepreneur can save all of his company data securely online, and then be able to access that data through a secured smartphone app.

Cellular And WiFi Capabilities

Another technological breakthrough that allowed smartphones to become comprehensive business tools was the ability to access WiFi service on a mobile device. Now entrepreneurs can enjoy the speed and reliability of a WiFi connection on their smartphones. It removes the need for a separate WiFi device and enhances the power of the smartphone.


One of the fastest ways for an entrepreneur to lose new clients is to be on the road and force those clients to leave voicemail messages. With the mobility option of a smartphone, entrepreneurs can always be accessible to clients and make the deals that will grow their businesses.

Thanks to the evolution of communications equipment, all an entrepreneur really needs to run his business is a smartphone.



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