Do I Need a Terminal or a Mobile Swiper?

Do I Need a Terminal or a Mobile Swiper?

Choosing between a terminal or mobile swiper can be difficult because some businesses might benefit from both, and there are certain benefits to each that make them completely unique offerings. While they both offer credit card processing, the additional tools and capabilities are very different. Here are the major things that you should consider when choosing between the two.

Credit Card Terminal

Most businesses can’t survive without a terminal because nearly everyone pays with credit or debit cards. There are wireless terminals that are small enough to carry around, but they aren’t nearly as portable as mobile swipers. While some people might consider terminals clunky and going out of style, they offer benefits that you won’t find with the mobile variant.

The major benefits include additional security, tools and capabilities. For example, terminals allow you to print paper receipts and add advanced security like tokenization and chip readers. These terminals also allow software integration so that you can upload your payments into bookkeeping software. This makes it easier for to manage merchant accounts because you won’t have to manually tally your payments or add them into applicable programs.

Terminals also allow you to use gift cards and are considered more durable because they can handle thousands of transactions without wear.

Mobile Swipers

Mobile swipers don’t offer as many tools as full terminals, but their one major benefit makes them a boon to merchants. You can connect the swiper to any mobile device and take payments anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a swap meet, office or even on the street. This allows you to perform credit card processing wherever you do business. Many people with merchant accounts get swipers to help them collect payments when they’re not at their regular business location.

Swipers are also much easier to use because you just connect the piece to your mobile device and everything’s ready to go. You don’t need to connect a phone line, power cord and then make sure all the software is integrated. Pricing also tends to be a bit better, and the device itself is either free or very inexpensive.


Choosing between a terminal or swiper can be difficult if you move around a lot. Terminals are often considered the stationary option, but wireless terminals allow you to move around and experience all the security and additional benefits of a regular terminal. At the same time, swipers are easy to carry, require little work and are simple to use.

Why You Shouldn’t Lease a Credit Card Terminal?

Whether you have run your business for many years or are starting a new one, you understand the vast importance of the ability to take payments with credit cards in our day and age. Today, only 27 percent of purchases are made using cash, and this number is expected to decrease down to only 23 percent in the next two years. While it is only common sense that you will likely lose sales if you cannot accept credit cards, understanding the options you have when it comes to obtaining a terminal can be a little more confusing, and there are some very valid reasons why you shouldn’t lease yours.

Understanding the Lease

Leasing makes it possible for those without the capital to obtain the equipment they need. When you are seeking credit card processing terminals, you will have the option of leasing. This option means you basically rent the unit for a specified time period. This can be an especially attractive offer to those new to the world of business and on a tight budget. However, this means ongoing costs. If you plan to be in business for a long period, which most are, you will end up paying more over time than it would have cost you for your very own terminal.

Inflated Costs

Competition has made the business world greedy, and there are a number of games lease providers plays to ensure their own business thrives. Unfortunately, this is usually at the expense of the customer. For example, they likely have access to a merchant warehouse where they can obtain terminals for discounted prices. Therefore, a unit which only cost them $150 may be quoted at $500, and you have no point of reference in which to verify they are being honest.

The Tax Advantage

You may also be enticed by a leasing company when they explain the tax advantages of leasing your credit card processing terminal with them. While this may be true, would it not be smarter to avoid the expense in the first place, keeping money in your business?

Other Hidden Charges

Finally, when setting up merchant accounts, understand the various fees involved with leasing. Some companies charge fees even after your lease is over, and you will also have to carry insurance on the device during the time it is in your possession. When you add up all these expenses and consider the terminal will never be yours, buying your terminal is a wiser option.

Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Card Terminal

For virtually any business today, accepting payments by credit card is a must. However, because merchant accounts vary, credit card processing can be complex. To determine which credit card terminal is right for a business, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Does A Business Need a Terminal?

If the business is one that entails credit card processing face-to-face with customers, such as restaurants or retail shops, a terminal is a necessity. For businesses that do not deal directly with customers, such as mail-order or online companies, terminals can also be used to key in the credit card information.

How Much Should the Terminal Cost?

What a business pays for a terminal depends on several factors, such as how old the terminal is, the model, whether a printer is included and what features it offers. As is often the case, the older the terminal the less it will cost. For newer businesses that are just starting out, cheaper terminals are usually recommended. Many companies will offer a business the option to purchase a lesser-priced terminal starting out, then allow them to upgrade to newer models as their business needs dictate.

Phone line, IP or Wireless Terminal?

Businesses that purchase older terminals for credit card processing often use ones that dial out through a phone line. The advantage is these can use a shared line, enabling other devices such as modems or fax machines to use the same line. Newer terminals rely more on IP connections, which are considerably faster and can be more reliable. These terminals are best for businesses using DSL or high-speed internet connections, and also allow for saving money by eliminating the need for an additional phone line and having transaction times 2-3 seconds faster than phone line models. However, with mobility becoming more commonplace in the business world, wireless terminals are becoming very popular with merchant accounts. These are great for businesses that often go off-site to sell merchandise, such as at festivals or trade shows. These terminals can be used anywhere at anytime, and can be connected to mobile devices to download information onto a smartphone or tablet.

It’s also a good idea to buy rather than lease a terminal, since leasing will cost more over time and may come with some restrictions or hidden fees. By knowing exactly what a business needs, choosing the right credit card terminal can be a stress-free experience.

Using a Credit Card Reader with Your iPhone

If you have been looking for new and improved ways to accept credit cards from your customers, you might have come across the credit card readers that are now available for the iPhone. However, you could be wondering if one of these credit card readers is really a good credit card processing option for you and your business. These are a few things that you should know about using one of these credit card readers along with your smartphone.

What is an iPhone Credit Card Reader?

An iPhone credit card reader is exactly what it sounds like — it is a credit card processing machine that attaches to your iPhone. Similar to other credit card processing machines, you use it to swipe your customers’ credit and debit cards. However, instead of having to use a separate machine that is hooked up to a phone or cable line for a phone connection, you will be using the connection from your cell phone provider.

Why You Should Use a Credit Card Reader with Your iPhone

There are a few reasons why these credit card readers are a great idea for business owners. First of all, it can be a good way to save money. You won’t need a lot of fancy equipment; the reader is small and will attach easily to your phone. You also won’t have to pay for a separate telephone or cable line, which you might otherwise have to do. This is a good way to keep some of your profits in your pocket while still using the processing services from a company that specializes in handling merchant accounts.

Secondly, these readers work well for individuals who operate unique and different types of businesses. For some businesses, such as those that travel, regular merchant accounts simply won’t do. If you’re always on the road as a part of your business, and if you like to make your sales or drum up business for your services in different locations rather than in one brick-and-mortar building, a credit card reader that attaches to your iPhone can be the perfect portable solution.

Credit card readers that attach to iPhones can be quite handy for business owners in many different industries, for many different reasons. If you think that these services could help you, you might want to talk to your merchant services provider to find out more about this option.

Using a Credit Card Reader with Your Android Phone

Every business owner knows that accepting credit card payments is vitally important. More and more people are choosing to pay with a debit or credit card instead of carrying cash. If a business does not accept these payments, then they are going to miss out on a lot of revenue. Since accepting credit card payments is easier than ever before, there are no more excuses.

While there are several ways to accept credit card payments, the easiest and most convenient is by using a credit card reader on your Android phone. It only takes a few minutes to sign up with one of the credit card processing companies. They will send a free credit card reader that hooks up in the head phone jack found in any Android smartphone. Downloading a free app on the smartphone will also be required to successfully complete each transaction.

Once the merchants accounts are set up and the credit card reader is delivered, accepting payment is extremely simple. Sliding the credit card through the reader hooked up to the Android phone works just like the credit card processing system found in any store. After the credit card is slid through the reader, the customer will have to sign the touchscreen on the Android smartphone. The payment will instantly be placed into one of the merchant accounts created by the business.

There is a small fee associated with each transaction when using a credit card reader on an Android smartphone, but this is found on every credit card processing system. Paying a small fee is much better than losing out on a customer because they do not have any cash.

In addition to its ease of use, the convenience of a credit card reader in an Android smartphone is extremely important. This credit card reader allows a business to accept payment at any location. Everyone carries their smartphone at all times, so there is always an opportunity to take a payment. The only thing required to take a payment is a stable internet connection. This just opens up so many options for nearly every business. Credit card sales can be done at flea markets or upon delivery of an item.

Businesses may have been initially scared to use the smartphone credit card reader because it was new technology, but almost everyone has used one at this point. Customers will have no problem paying on an Android smartphone. Never miss out on a sale again.

The VeriFone Tranz 460

As a business owner, it is important to have an understanding of credit card processing. Most people use a credit or debit card as a form of payment because it is quick and easy for them to do. Businesses should also be quick and easy in their ability to run a transaction for a credit or debit card.

One credit card terminal available is the VeriFone Tranz 460. This machine helps businesses accept all forms of credit cards quickly and conveniently. The printer provided with the machine will print a receipt of the transaction on either carbonless paper or impact-sensitive paper. The receipt is printed in two parts to help businesses keep track and conveniently know what is going on in their merchant account. At the end of the day it provides an audit trail report to help ensure everything is balanced.

The fact that it does come with its own printer makes it an all-in-one credit card processing machine that will save space and money. The design of how the printer paper feeds through helps eliminate jams and prints very well. The set up is efficient. There is also an ability to attach a bar code reader or PINPad for debit transactions or check reader as well. Because these are additions to the machine, a business can use exactly what they want or need and nothing else to personalize their credit card processing experience.

To make it even more convenient on the business and the merchant account, there is also the ability to perform multiple transactions before sending the information to the host computer. Its ability to prompt the user through everything helps eliminate confusion and ensures transactions are run smoothly and efficiently. That also cuts down on training time and therefore can save a business money in that aspect as well.

The VeriFone Tranz 460 has security and fraud features which protects everyone. It holds a large memory (128 Kb of RAM). This allows a large amount of transactions for batches. This is a cost-effective machine that will help many businesses with their point-of-sale transactions from start to finish.

Transitioning to a EMV Credit Card Terminal

When accepting money via credit cards, one will have to stay on top of the latest tech trends. Otherwise, without doing so, it’s easy to make mistakes and lose clients. With that being said, one should invest in the right technology, and they should go out of their way to making the change to an EMV credit card terminal. With that in mind, here are three reasons to transfer to an EMV credit card terminal.


Now, people can “tap and go” to pay for their products or services. This is a great way to pay, and it will save a person a lot of time. However, if a person can’t accept credit cards in this manner, they will alienate some potential clients. Luckily, credit card processing is simple, and one can easily upgrade to the right system that will allow them to engage in credit card processing with ease.

More secure:

Without a doubt, when using merchant accounts, one will use something that is not always secure. However, when making the switch, a business owner will enjoy a safer transaction, every time. While the owner may not care, his or her clients will care, and it can save a business owner plenty of time and money if they avoid issues with fraud. For this reason, when upgrading, one will enjoy more benefits out of their merchant account. Remember, fraud is a big problem, and one can avoid issues if they upgrade to the newest and greatest systems.


Finally, when looking to accept plastic, one will want to do it quickly. Otherwise, when people are frustrated with a slow speed, they are likely to head to the competition. Simply put, when using a terminal, one will not want to wait 40 seconds for their card to process. Not only that, people in line will put their items away and head for the doors. But, with the newest and greatest EMV terminals, one can watch as their clients leave quickly and keep coming back. Not only that, the store traffic will improve, and the company will make more money.

When making the upgrade to an EMV setup, one can enjoy a few benefits. As times change, it’s only going to be more important to upgrade as person can otherwise lose business. So, remember, when making the choice to upgrade to an EMV setup, one will enjoy plenty of benefits.

What Is A Non Qualified Rate?

Without a doubt, if a person runs a company and needs to accept credit cards, they must do so wisely; they must also know how everything works. Otherwise, with one mistake, a company can lose plenty of cash. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what constitutes as a non-qualified rate. Here are three instances this would occur.

Keyed into a terminal: First and foremost, when going to a store, some people will run their credit card processing job through a machine. When this occurs, merchant accounts often charge a higher rate since the corporation can’t verify the user’s address. Since there is a high rate of fraud on these transactions, the business will need to charge the non-qualified rate. Remember, not only that, a person can make one minor mistake when entering the data, which will leave the merchant services provider in a bind as they can’t always know which person to charge or how to proceed. Luckily, this is less common now as there as not a lot of independent credit card companies that confuse the buyer or seller.

Special kind of credit card: Think about it, when using merchant accounts, some people will use an unknown or special type of credit card. When one is entered with fewer digits or other parts, the credit card processing company may charge a non-qualified rate to the company. Remember, most credit cards are roughly the same, but when they aren’t’ the buyer must take the time to enter the transaction.

Does not settle in time: Finally, when trying to cash out and settle the transactions, most companies will do so within a day or two. In fact, the rule is usually 48 hours as the company will have to submit everything and upload the report in a large batch. When avoiding this, one will have to pay a non-qualified rate as the merchant account provider will often not take kindly to this. Then, when doing so, one will have to pay a slightly higher fee for the transaction.

When using a credit card terminal or a special card, one will often have to pay a higher rate. At the same time, if the transaction does not settle in time, one will have to pay more. For this reason, a smart entrepreneur should take the time to understand how it all works and how to pay the lowest fees all the time.

What to Do if Your Credit Card Machine Breaks?

When a credit card machine breaks, a business owner will have a huge problem on his or her hands. In fact, when one does not fix this quickly, the company will lose a lot of money and end up alienating customers. To avoid this, a small business owner should know exactly what to do if the credit card machine breaks.

Other options:

First and foremost, a business should have a backup credit card processing plan. Luckily, most merchant accounts will allow an entrepreneur to accept payments via mobile phones, websites and through a point of sale system. Since most will already have this backup plan in place, a company will not have much work on its hands. On the other hand, when a company does not have a backup plan, it should find one immediately. In fact, when one already has a relationship established, they can open a new account type easily.

Call the merchant provider:

When dealing with merchant accounts, one will have to make a quick phone call. Since most providers have staff available 24/7, one should not have any issues in getting a new credit card machine. Usually, a merchant services provider can send the machine quickly to the business owner. Other times, when living near the provider, an entrepreneur can pick up the machine quickly. Remember, most organizations will provide a new machine when a customer needs to replace the old one.


With a tablet such as an iPad, one can receive payments quickly. Since most people have a tablet, this is an easy way to start accepting money fast. Luckily, when using a tablet, one will only have to download a new program and install it on the computer. Simply put, when installing the program and setting up the tablet, an entrepreneur can accept payments within minutes. Since most companies offer this service free of charge, a corporation can make changes quickly. Other times, one can use their iPhone or Android device. With this, a store or restaurant can accept credit cards without hesitation. One must realize that there are multiple solutions, and it is easy for a company to change things immediately.

With a credit card processing account, one can take payments in various forms. Since it is wise to avoid alienating clients, one should have a backup plan when their machine breaks. Fortunately, there are enough choices and one should have no trouble finding the best solution.

Installing a New Credit Card Terminal

Setting up your credit card machine for your business is quite simple. A business wants to ensure that they have a phone line that is dedicated to the credit card reader. The phone line can be the same at the fax machine or be a phone line dedicated to just taking credit card payments. When a business hooks up the credit card reader to their regular phone line, they could receive errors when they are trying to process a transaction and a call comes through. This is why it is a great idea to keep the phone lines separate. This is especially true for companies that know they are going to have a lot of transactions throughout the day.

The merchant account that the business is set up with will be able to send the equipment to the business. Usually, the merchant account company will have the equipment synced and ready-to-use for the businesses before they even plug it up to use. The business owner will need to check out all of the equipment that is sent to them to make sure that there isn’t any damage. This will help save them time before they start installing the equipment.

First, they will need to plug in the machine to a power outlet and then the phone line that is dedicated to the machine. If the machines has not been synced with their merchant account, they will need to call the company to advise that they are ready to have it synced. Once this has been done, they can power up the machine. Some machines may require that blank, rolled-up paper is to be inserted. This way, when a transaction is done through a credit card, the paper will print out a receipt.

Once the machine is fully set-up and ready to go, the business owner can try their first transaction. The machine will be able to advise the employees if the credit card payment is going to be accepted or denied. Accepted means that the payment went through for the given transaction. A declined transaction means that the customer did not have enough funds to cover the transaction, and they will need to find another way to pay for their products or services. Businesses can accept credit card payments with their equipment and access reports on a daily basis of the transactions through the merchant account company they are working with.



It took me a while to decide who I wanted to settle with to handle all of my credit card transactions because every company wants to make it sound like they're offering you the best rates. was able compare and beat all of the other offers I received. They were also able to provide me the fairest price on my EMV-compliant terminal. My sales representative and the support team were there to assist every step of the way. Ultimately, I'm looking forward to a long term relationship with this company.

Roland Tran from the Hong Kong Kitchen

It is a pleasure dealing with these folks. Their pricing is fair, their statements are understandable and their employees are knowledgeable and friendly.

John MacMillian from the Great Lakes Baking Company

The service was very professional, my sales person (Steven B.) was very well versed in the product and most helpful in getting our company set up to accept credit cards via my cell phone. Their rates are some of the lowest on the market and their service is unparalleled. I will recommend them to anyone requiring a credit card processing service.

Michael Harper from Deluxe Auto Body

Jonathan C. is wonderful to work with. He is very helpful, accommodating and resolves any issue quickly. It is hard these days to find someone who gives great customer service, but I can say, Jonathan is the best! I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business owner and to assist you in helping to grow your business.

Linda Garner from Regali Da Forno

I called indecisive about getting a device, but speaking to your Sales Consultant completely settled me. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patiently walked me through the process. He always responded to my voicemails and answered all my questions. After I received my merchandise, he called following up to ensure that I had received it. Customer service I would say is 5 stars. Stellar! Thanks Credit Card Processing, I will definitely recommend you.

Sarah Morgan from Vision International Ministries
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