Payment Processing for the Tour Guide Industry

Payment Processing for the Tour Guide Industry

When running a tour guide company, one needs to choose a payment processing provider offering impeccable service and an excellent and user-friendly product. Otherwise, a busy entrepreneur will miss out on running his or her business in an efficient manner. With this in mind, here are four things a tour guide company owner needs to ponder when choosing a payment service provider.


When accepting payments from clients, one can’t commit any errors, especially for high-dollar transactions. If the payment fails to go through for any reason, a client is likely to head elsewhere. To test this out, read reviews and pay attention to ones where people discuss reliability. Otherwise, when the credit card processing accounts work sporadically, a tour guide company will struggle to bring in revenue.


In the tour guide industry, an entrepreneur will need to accept payments from all over the world. While true, it’s not something everyone thinks about when choosing a merchant account provider. Since banking regulations are complicated and difficult to understand, it’s wise to choose a payment processing firm specializing in international transactions. When choosing a reliable provider with international experience, one will save time and avoid common headaches facing other tour guide operators.


Let’s face it, when accepting credit card payments, it’s hard to control costs as providers set their rates. One way to avoid overpaying is to look at prices carefully and choose a company with low fees. One needs to look at more than transaction fees as providers often charge for statements, tech support calls and other costs. Since these add up quickly, it’s wise to verify all costs before proceeding.

Customer service:

It’s imperative to choose a merchant account provider with excellent customer service. A tour guide operator will not want to waste his or her day on the phone dealing with a minor issue. No, he or she wants to run a business and bring in clients. For this reason, when looking at providers, one needs to ask them if they offer multiple choices for tech support as one minor problem can quickly grow out of control and cost the business owner plenty of revenue.

When choosing a credit card processing firm, one needs to ask questions and ensure the provider offers excellent service, low prices and a reliable product.

Some Counties Accept Credit Card Payments for Taxes

In the not-so-distant past, when paying taxes, a citizen would have to drive down to the local county tax assessor office and write a check. Other times, one would have to send a check in the mail. Times have changed, and plenty of counties now allow people to pay taxes online. In fact, currently, plenty of counties also let individuals pay their local taxes with a credit card. This offers a taxpayer a few advantages which are outlined below.


When making payments with a credit card, one can enjoy plenty of rewards. This can be in the form of airline miles, cash or gift certificates. This is beneficial when a person charges thousands of dollars to the merchant account. This is not too hard to do since some people pay thousands in property taxes to their county government every year.

Pay as they go:

As previously mentioned, taxes can run pretty high and most people do not have a lot of money in their checking account to meet this obligation. One way to avoid the shock is to use a credit card. For this reason, many counties have responded and are starting to accept credit cards. Think about it, when using plastic, one can pay off the balance in a month or two without paying any interest fees.


It is usually time-consuming to pay by check or drop off cash at a county office. On the other hand, when paying by credit card, one can do so online and with a click or two of the button. This will save people time and enable people to pay their taxes without spending their entire day at the tax collector’s office.


A person should strive to keep his or her expenses in order. This allows one to avoid problems come tax time as it is easy to let things get out of hand. Fortunately, when paying by credit card one will get a monthly and annual statement that they can look over and save for tax time.

It is now easier than ever to pay taxes in multiple forms. Using payment service providers and websites, county governments have allowed people to pay their monthly and annual tax obligations without leaving their home. This is in stark contrast to earlier times when one would have to spend the day at the tax collector’s office waiting in line and writing checks.

Should Your Business Advertise on Bing and Yahoo?

Managing a successful business today requires more than the knowledge of the products, services or content you want to share with your audience or potential customers. When you want to build an online presence for a brand you are in charge of, it is important to consider all of the options you have available when it comes to launching marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why Advertising Online Matters

Advertising any type of brand, business or website online is highly recommended today, regardless of the industry you represent. Advertising a brand online can help to drastically improve the reach you are capable of getting when communicating with fans and potential customers. Because of the rise of social media use, mobile phones and tablet devices, advertising online is essential to stay ahead of competitors while also appealing to a more engaged audience who is consistently connected and “plugged in”.

Consider Your Audience

Before you begin planning a new marketing and advertising campaign for your business, consider the audience you want to appeal to along with their demographic. The more you know regarding age group, gender and even hobbies your visitors and potential customers have personally can help with creating effective ad campaigns when you begin marketing using Yahoo! and Bing.

Advertising on Bing and Yahoo!

Although Google is currently the most popular search engine used worldwide, Bing and Yahoo! are also some of the top engines used to find both local and international businesses available. Advertising on Bing and Yahoo! gives you the ability to reach users who are not using Google, increasing you chances of making sales and generating leads. You can also choose to opt for premium advertising services to place your ad directly within the top search results of Yahoo! and Bing. Whether you want to promote your business and website to local browsers on Yahoo! and Bing or if you simply want to get more exposure internationally within search results, you can do so by advertising within the search engines themselves.

The more time and effort that is put into researching different advertising methods and techniques available for your users and potential customers online, the easier it becomes to create effective ads for search engine results. Additionally, when you understand what it is that your audience is looking for when browsing Yahoo! and Bing, it is much simpler to implement search engine optimization properly into any website or blog you are running.

The Basics of Payment Processing

New business owners or small businesses that only accept cash or checks may be wondering how they can start taking credit card payments. Credit cards payments are a great way to bring in more revenue and to increase sales that are made in the business. The business can also build a website to offer their products on and process credit card payments. Businesses that handle services instead of selling products can also benefit from merchant accounts with their online sites. They can set up payment arrangements with their customers and have them login to their website to make a payment with a major credit card. Any credit card payments made to the business would link back to their account, and the business would receive their money immediately.

Credit card processing is quite simple. There are several ways that it can be done. The merchant account can be set up online to process payments from an online site. There are also card readers that can be used on a computer or smartphone that will allow the business to swipe the credit cards. Once the credit card is swiped, the business will be able to put in the amount that is going to be charged to the credit card. Within a few seconds, the employee will be able to know if the credit card will be approved or declined for the purchase.

Each transaction that is processed through the card reader will be charged a fee. The fee amount is going to be a small percentage of the charged amount plus a set fee. The fees are based on the brand of major credit card the customer is using. Each credit card processing company sets their own fees and will explain the fees before the services start. Most companies will provide the card readers to the business for free. They may have a set amount of readers that they will provide the business.

When a business starts accepting credit cards, they will find that more customers are going to be able to buy their products or use their services. Individuals are starting to do away with carrying cash. Bank accounts are giving individuals the option to use a debit card to link to their bank account instead of having to write checks or carry cash. If businesses wants to see a huge increase in profits, they should highly consider getting credit card readers and starting merchant accounts.



It took me a while to decide who I wanted to settle with to handle all of my credit card transactions because every company wants to make it sound like they're offering you the best rates. was able compare and beat all of the other offers I received. They were also able to provide me the fairest price on my EMV-compliant terminal. My sales representative and the support team were there to assist every step of the way. Ultimately, I'm looking forward to a long term relationship with this company.

Roland Tran from the Hong Kong Kitchen

It is a pleasure dealing with these folks. Their pricing is fair, their statements are understandable and their employees are knowledgeable and friendly.

John MacMillian from the Great Lakes Baking Company

The service was very professional, my sales person (Steven B.) was very well versed in the product and most helpful in getting our company set up to accept credit cards via my cell phone. Their rates are some of the lowest on the market and their service is unparalleled. I will recommend them to anyone requiring a credit card processing service.

Michael Harper from Deluxe Auto Body

Jonathan C. is wonderful to work with. He is very helpful, accommodating and resolves any issue quickly. It is hard these days to find someone who gives great customer service, but I can say, Jonathan is the best! I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business owner and to assist you in helping to grow your business.

Linda Garner from Regali Da Forno

I called indecisive about getting a device, but speaking to your Sales Consultant completely settled me. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patiently walked me through the process. He always responded to my voicemails and answered all my questions. After I received my merchandise, he called following up to ensure that I had received it. Customer service I would say is 5 stars. Stellar! Thanks Credit Card Processing, I will definitely recommend you.

Sarah Morgan from Vision International Ministries
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