Some Counties Accept Credit Card Payments for Taxes

Some Counties Accept Credit Card Payments for Taxes

In the not-so-distant past, when paying taxes, a citizen would have to drive down to the local county tax assessor office and write a check. Other times, one would have to send a check in the mail. Times have changed, and plenty of counties now allow people to pay taxes online. In fact, currently, plenty of counties also let individuals pay their local taxes with a credit card. This offers a taxpayer a few advantages which are outlined below.


When making payments with a credit card, one can enjoy plenty of rewards. This can be in the form of airline miles, cash or gift certificates. This is beneficial when a person charges thousands of dollars to the merchant account. This is not too hard to do since some people pay thousands in property taxes to their county government every year.

Pay as they go:

As previously mentioned, taxes can run pretty high and most people do not have a lot of money in their checking account to meet this obligation. One way to avoid the shock is to use a credit card. For this reason, many counties have responded and are starting to accept credit cards. Think about it, when using plastic, one can pay off the balance in a month or two without paying any interest fees.


It is usually time-consuming to pay by check or drop off cash at a county office. On the other hand, when paying by credit card, one can do so online and with a click or two of the button. This will save people time and enable people to pay their taxes without spending their entire day at the tax collector’s office.


A person should strive to keep his or her expenses in order. This allows one to avoid problems come tax time as it is easy to let things get out of hand. Fortunately, when paying by credit card one will get a monthly and annual statement that they can look over and save for tax time.

It is now easier than ever to pay taxes in multiple forms. Using payment service providers and websites, county governments have allowed people to pay their monthly and annual tax obligations without leaving their home. This is in stark contrast to earlier times when one would have to spend the day at the tax collector’s office waiting in line and writing checks.

How to Accept Credit Cards on Ebay?

In the past, one could sell stuff on eBay and accept checks or even cash. Gone are those days as most people prefer to use credit cards to buy goods off this major auction site. In fact, without this, a small business owner or individual is unlikely to draw much interest as most people will move on to a competitor. With this in mind, here are three ways to accept credit cards on eBay.


Of course, the easiest way to accept plastic is to sign up with a PayPal account. This is the easiest option for a person who does not sell much on eBay. Since it only takes a few minutes to sign up with an account and get started, one should have no trouble using PayPal. Of course, this is not a complete solution and a small business owner who wants to accept credit cards with ease should look at other options.


With merchant accounts, one can accept all forms of payments with ease. This is perfect for a person who wants to run a business on eBay and does not want to use PayPal or other second-rate providers. Simply put, when using merchant services, one can have the most control over the situation. Furthermore, an entrepreneur can accept plastic over the phone and at the retail site. Remember, when looking for the best and most comprehensive solution, one should use a merchant services provider specializing in credit card payments. Of course, with this solution, one should fill out an application and remain honest throughout the process. With this step completed, one will have no problem taking in revenue from a variety of sources.

Google Wallet:

There is another simple solution for people who do not want to use PayPal or set up a merchant account. With Google Wallet, one can take in payments without siging up for an account with a merchant services provider. This is important when dealing with a lot of customers as it is hard to keep track of everything. By using Google Wallet, one can accept plastic and not worry about dealing with invoices or other things as this service can provide everything the business owner needs.

When selling items on eBay, one must think about credit cards. Gone are the days of taking cash or checks. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for an eBay seller. All these solutions are viable and worth investigation.

Deciding When to Start Accepting Credit Cards

It can be tempting to try and save money when running a business. This is not wise in some aspects as it is true that an entrepreneur must spend money to make money. With this in mind, some people want to wait to invest in certain aspects of a company. Here is a quick guide for an individual who wants to know when it is time to start accepting credit cards.

Big transactions:

When taking payments, some companies will only deal in small ones. This is true for a coffee shop, candy store or other place where people are not spending a lot of money. However, when a company starts to see large transactions, it may want to invest in a merchant account and start accepting credit card payments. Otherwise, clients may leave in frustration and head to another business.

Waking away:

Some smaller restaurants and organizations never accept credit cards. This is possible in certain communities. But, if an owner notices customer heading for the exit or commenting about the lack of credit card acceptance, it may be time to change the tune. Since clients who walk away will probably never return, it is extremely wise to do something about this and open a merchant account.


It is wise to foster the growth of a company. In fact, without this, one is unlikely to turn the corner and make a lot of money in the future. One way to increase business artificially is to open a merchant account and accept all forms of payments, including credit cards. Remember, it is difficult to grow a business when one only accepts cash and check as many young people do not carry more than a few dollars in their wallets or purses.

Going into B2B:

When penetrating the B2B market, one can increase sales and make a lot more money. In the past, this was easy, and a business owner could accept checks from other business owners. This is not the case anymore as a lot of entrepreneurs love to use credit cards for their day-to-day spending as it makes it easier to account for expenses. For this reason, when expanding into B2B, one should start accepting credit cards.

Without a doubt, one must accept all forms of payment. Otherwise, an entrepreneur will struggle to gain traction and he or she will not build their company without a lot of growing pains.

Why There Are Fees to Accept Credit Cards?

When you have a merchant account, you may have noticed the small fees that are processed each time you swipe a credit or debit card for your customer’s transaction. The fees you are charged are based on the type of credit card that the customer is using and the total amount of the transaction. The credit card processing company that you have may offer different fees for the following types of credit or debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and other major credit cards.

The fees that you may be charged will include a set fee plus a percentage of the transaction amount. You may be wondering exactly what those fees are for that are being charged? The set fee that is seen every time a credit card is swiped is for the approval or decline status message that is given back promptly 60 seconds after you swipe the card. This fee is going to be a set rate that will be determined in the merchant account contract for each brand of credit card that you plan of allowing your customers to use.

The percentage fee amount that is charged each time a credit or debit card is swiped is paid to the credit card processing company. This is for using their services in order to process credit cards. Some credit card processing companies may give the business credit card readers for free, but they will take out their percentage amount each time a credit card is ran on the reader or processed through the business’s website.

It’s important to know about the fees that are being charged to you or your customers every time a credit card is used. Your business will still benefit from taking credit card payments from your customers. You will be able to increase your sales which will give you more profit than just taking cash only. The fees can often be negotiable depending on the company your business is working with.

It is best to shop around before choosing a processing company that you are going to work with on all your credit card transactions. This way you can ensure the fees you are being charged are going to be at the lowest rates possible. The fine print will allow you to see if the rates can possibly increase later on and what other types of fees you may accrue on a daily or monthly basis.



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